Zettai Beast Warrior (絶対獣戦士 Zettai Jū Senshi ?, lit. Absolute Beast Warrior) is a magical boy manga series created by CureKurogane. It will be published by Shueisha Comics and will be serialized in Shonen Jump magazines in early sping of 2017. The series focues on five boys who become victims of five animal spirits called the Beast Gods, giving them the power to transform into the Beast Warriors to save the Earth from a demonic monsters called the Virus.


Monstrous demons called the Virus began to invade the Earth, draining all human life in the blink of an eye, making humanity endangered to become extinct. In the city of Hinamoto, Japan, the Virus outbreak started to spread, nearly killing almost thousands of people that lived. The news started to alert many people, who didn't become the victims to these viscious demons, telling them to stay inside their homes. However, 17-year-old Shishigazaki Masaru, wasn't aware to what was happening until he was attacked by a Virus. But he was saved by a lion spirit who fuses with him, giving him the power to transform into a Beast Warrior!

Together with his friends, who have been fused with the Beast Gods, they fight the Virus as the mighty Beast Warriors.


Beast WarriorsEdit

Beast GodsEdit




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