The first episode of The Adventures of a Mermaid Princess .

A Princess's True Form Revealed
Japanese title 明らかにプリンセスの真のフォーム
Episode Information
Episode no. 1
Airdate July 1 2015
Languages Japanese


Duration 25 minutes
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A Princess And Her New Home


Many years ago, in the oceans of Earth, there laid a kingdom.  This kingdom was called the Central Oceans Kingdom; it was made up of the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans.  It was ruled by the beautiful and kind Mermaid Queen Oceana.  She lived in a beautiful underwater castle in the Pacific Ocean with her husband and two daughters.  

She also had servants and advisors attending to her.  She was always happy and never felt lonely, everything was perfect.  But then one day, her husband was killed by evil sea creatures.  She was so devastated and frightened, that she sent her youngest daughter to the human world for protection and safety.  

She did the right thing for her youngest daughter and her oldest daughter, Princess Selena, still lived with her.  But then 9 1/2 years later, Princess Selena was supposedly killed by the same evil sea creatures who took her husbands life.  She was once again thrown into depression and sadness, she felt so alone in the world.  Her last hope is that little princess she sent to the human world will return someday.

6 months later, on July 1, 2012, 13 year old Water Lily has just come back from her birthday with her aunt, uncle, and cousans.  She is sad that no one came to her birthday party again this year.  She has never been able to connect with people and is always alone it seems.  She has also never really had any friends and is picked on alot.  She gets chaged into a blue sundress and pink ballet flats.  She ties her elbow length dirty blonde hair into a back braid.  

She sneaks out the window for a late night walk around 11:30 pm.  She walks for about 29 minutes and stops when she reaches a cliff over the ocean.  She looks at the full moon and stands near the very edge of the cliff.  She suddenly feels weak and louces her balance, she soon finds herself falling.  She makes contact with the water at the same time the full moon's light is thouching the surface and the clock strikes midnight.  This chain reaction causes a secret, hidden, and forgotten power with in her to awaken.  She is surrounded but a bright golden light.  When the light starts to die down, she has been transformed.

She is now wearing a pink midriff top with blue heart jewel brooch and semi transparent fabric for sleeves draped around her upper arms and small pink skirt with a large semi transparent blue clipped on with a pink pearl heart clip.  She is also wearing 2 gold bracelets with pearls and aquamarines, gold earrings with pearls and aquamarines, a pearl necklace with an aquamarine pendant, and a gold tiara with pearls and aquamarines.  Her hair has turned golden blonde with pink and blue highlights and become as long as can be, and her eyes have turned pink with a blue tint.  Her legs have now become a sparkling pink saily tail.  She can also breath under water now.

She has now become a mermaid, which is a big shock to her.  She says, "What?  What has happened to me? I've become a mermaid!".  She is about to start panicking when she remembers it is better to stay calm is scary situations.  She decides to go sit on a rock, watch the sky, and try to figure out the whole situation for a while.

Meanwhile, in an undersea royal palace somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, Mermaid Queen Oceana sits in her throne depressed and sad.  Her royal advisor has been trying to cheer her up with flowers, food, jokes, jesters, gifts, entertainers, and other things that usually make people happy for the last six months, but has had no success.

But then suddenly one of the royal scientists, Dr. Sea Shell, barges in with a piece of paper and says, "Your Highness, I have just discovered something that could be important for you to know".  Oceana says nothing and stares off into space as if she was a statue made of stone.  Then Dr, Sea Shell says, "We have just detected a major power of the coast of Malibu, like a golden light, and it is just as powerful as you are your highness".  

She hears this and her mood suddenly changes into curiousity.  She says, "Let me see", grabs the paper out of the docs hand to take a look at it and realizes what it means.  She becomes happy and says, "Oh my, it's her.  My precious little girl has finally discovered who she truly is, this is the best news I have herd in years".

She hands one of her best gaurds, Sir Umi no Kishi, a baby picture of her youngest daughter and asks him, "Please find the girl in this picture, she is my youngest daughter, Princess Sea Lily, but she will be much older now, atleast 13, and you will find her in the area off the coast of malibu".  He responds by saying, "Yes I will your highness".  He sets of to look for the girl.  He is a merman with a green tail and sea green hair and eyes.

Water Lily is still sitting on the rock and thinking about what has happaned to her.  She wants to know what has happaned to her and why she became a mermaid.  She sees a ship coming to her so she jumps back into the water so she will not be seen.  As she swims around she suddenly runs into an evil sea creature, which is an evil sea dragon.  She starts running a fast as she can for life.

She swims past Sir Umi no Kishi being chased by the dragon.  He immediately recognizes her from the picture, so he puts on his helmet and goes into save her.  He comes in and shouts out loud, "Hey you, I will not let you or Dark Sea hurt the royal family any more, especially the fare Princess Sea Lili".  She is surprised to see a merman, but even more surpised that he called her a princess.  

She suddenly feels the power within her come out.  She makes a water drop in her hand, turns it into a pink and blue heart, and throws it at the dragon while shouting out, "Sea Drop Healing".  This turns it back into a regular eel.

She then thanks merman for his help, he replies, "Your Welcome My Lady".  She then asks him, "Could you please help? I don't know what has happened to me and I am scared of what will happen to me".  He tells her, "Yes I will, and I will also take you to your mother the queen as well, my lady".  She says, "What! My mother is a queen! Wait, do you have any proof".  

He then replies, "The pendant on your necklace is the royal crest, and only the royal family can wear things like that".  She says, "I guess you got a point there, But I still don't understand whats going on".  He then tells her, "My Lady, You are Princess Sea Lily, Mermaid Princess of the Central Oceans Kingdom. Your Mother is Queen Oceana, Mermaid Queen of the Central Oceans Kingdom.

And she can explain everything that has happaned to you so far, so let me take you to her, My Lady".  She says, "Yes you may", he then tells her, "Thank you my lady, now follow me to the palace to see your mother", and then she says, "Ok and thank you".  The two of them then head toward the royal palace to see Queen Oceana.


  • Princess Sea Lily
  • Sir Umi no Kishi


  • Princess Sea Lily reawakens her true self as a mermaid princess.

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