NetworkTV Tokyo
Original RunJanuary 3, 2016
Opening SongSukki Sukki Ippai!
Ending SongDoki Charge


Rosa isn't a normal girl, she's an alien and comes from the planet Xenorosacae and is its princess. She lives with her three little sisters Irida,Astera,Olea and Amarantha,she takes good care of them and likes seeing them smiling. Since she is a child, she always plays with her best friend from the planet Crystalline : Fleur de Givre, who manipulates ice and likes Rosa's sisters. But they all had to go on Earth to save it from the Morphs, monsters who can take various monstrous forms to attack humans and drain they life force. As the Princess of Xenorosa and the princess of Crystalline, they would do everything to save Earth, they took "human looks" and names. Rosa changed to Cassidy Hoshihana and Fleur de Givre changed to Angelica Alonso, they went to the Private Tsukigata High School and because they trained hard on their planets to defend Earth from the Morphs.



  • Colors: Purple and pink

Rosa is the protagonist of the story, she lives on the planet Xenorosaceae, a planet entirely made of flowers, she lives with her parents and her sisters at the Royal Xenorosaceae Castle. She's a princess who always accomplishes her duties and trains hard every day to use her weapons to protect her planet from its invasion. Since her childhood she is friend with Fleur de Givre, the princess of Crystalline, they have lots of common points and are bestfriends. When they both knew about the Earth's invasion they were the firsts who wanted to go on Earth and protect it from the Morphs. They went on Tsukigata in Hokkaido, who is the principal area of the headquarters of the Morphs. She took the name of Cassidy Hoshihana and plays the role of a new girl who moved from Australia and Angelica from Italy, they went "undercover" to protect the Earth. She has an huge crush on Matsuro Hasegawa a human who actually has the ability of a Seer.

  • Colors: Ice and dark blue

Fleur de Givre is the princess of Crystalline, a planet only made of ice surrounded by auroras, the common things for the Crystalline people is that they all have blue/pale/dark blue eyes with flower-shaped snowflakes. She loves figure skating (the favorite activity of every Crystallin) with her little brother and her parents, in the Crystallin Castle, despite living in an extremely cold place she eats warm meals. She is a good friend of the Xenorosacean Princesses and mostly Rosa, when they first met she explained how beautiful the ice is. She explained that the Crystallin Ice changes color due to the invicible power of the Aurora surrounding her planet and that's the source of every Crystallins' powers. When she had to go on Earth, she chose an Italian name because of her love for the country having visited it on a winter vacation with her family. She didn't get why Rosa was falling for a human but found it very amusing to see her becoming awkard in front of her "beloved one", but she fell for a human too after he defended her during a misunderstanding. She is quite headstrong and doesn't have a "heart made of ice", she protects the ones she likes and never gives up.

  • Color: Purple

Ageha is the princess of the planet of butterflies and music, she has a unique tone of voice and is the best singer of her planet being an idol and also a model. She is very elegant and is a true lady, she always wear feminine and elegant dresses and like things like : drinking tea, singing (her favorite activity), taking care of butterflies and doing lives in front of the people of her planet. She still shows her singing talents on Earth being the new leader of her school's choir, with her help they won a choir contest, she loves singing and is a true prodigy. She uses a special way to attack, she emits poison and sound via her wings, she hypnotises everything with her voice and uses musical instruments for weapons. She mostly uses her microphone to emits soundwaves to defeat her enemies and emits poisonous clouds and waves from her butterfly wings and can summon butterflies with the only thing of putting her arms in the air. She is a good friend of Rosa and Fleur de Givre and is also a good friend of Marion an alien of the planet O'Clock. She never loses hope and is a good friend. On Earth and on her own planet she is a beautiful rich girl full of talents, she doesn't act like a diva like she repeat alot and with her talents becamed an idol just like on her planet.

  • Colors: Gold and orange

Marion Netta is the princess of the planet O'Clock, a planet made of clocks and gold gears, its people all have wind-ups like toys and gold gears with clocks and gears in heir eyes. She is an idol and enjoy singing with her long time friend Ageha, at first she seems like a pretty girl without emotions but she is actually a kind-hearted girl. She started grewing emotions when she fell in love with Shirozaki who she affectualy calls Shirozaki-kun, she also grew even more emotions spending time with Rosa, Fleur de Givre and Ageha all together. When she was almost killed by a Morph, Shirozaki tried to protect her but she didn't wanted him to be hurt so she jumped in front of him, the morph broke her clock who maintened her life. Shirozaki took her in his arms and confessed his love to her, she said that she wasn't human but he answered that it didn't matter and he loves her. At that moment the gears composing her hearts transformed into an orange glass heart with gears surrounding it and the gears on her dress started moving and the gears in her eyes too. Marion's new birth gave her a new strength, enough powerful to destroy the Morphs attacking her. She now is a cheerful and smiling girl who likes going out with her boyfriend and her alien friends.

  • Colors: Pale yellow and pale blue

Luna is a famous idol known on the Moon and also on the other planet, she is said to have a divine voice with a unique tone, she's a sweetheart, a cute girl and is somewhat shy. She accepted to save Earth with the girls and took the name of Tsukiko, becoming an idol even on Earth like her two idol friends Ageha and Marion. She is the co-leader of the school's choir with Murasaki, they get along well together and was extremely shy in front of Rosa and Fleur de Givre but it vanished after she learned to know them. She also fell in love with Masayoshi, but was disappointed when she learned that he arleady has a girlfriend but he started having feelings for her and dumped his ex-girlfriend who tried to have her revenge but Masayoshi stopped her in doing so. Luna can manipulate moon (her hometown) to protect her from the Morphs and fight with the power of the moon and the moon's light, she can also manipulate music and dance and can make anyone feel her feelings by the only thing of singing.

  • Color: Vivid Red

Ruby is the last girl and the princess of the gemstones planet Preciosa, she is a kind girl and like every Preciosan her eyes are made of gemstones (rubies for her) and possesses wings made of rubies,garnets and beryls. She is extremely beautiful and her eyes made the jealousy of many persons, her sparkling and brilliant eyes are wanted by a lot of persons. Due to her beautifulness she becamed a model and at the school every boys are in love in her and every girls are jealous of her, she is in the fashion club with Flora and becamed a good friend of Fleur de Givre, Ageha, Marion and Luna. She is in love with Hiroshi.


  • Color: Red
  • Planet: Earth

Matsuro was a normal human until he met Rosa as Cassidy, he had a vision of her as an alien fighting a Morph and acted strange when that happened. She explained that he is a Seer, he can see future, past and present, he was afraid of Rosa before having a crush on her. He decided to fight Morphs with the girls and save Earth, he also learns how to use his powers properly, mostly telekinesis and wants absolutely to protect his family, his friends and the alien girls. Matsuro likes painting and gardening, he is in the gardening club with Rosa and one day he was taking care of the flowers with Cassidy their hand touched each others and he blushed. He has a crush on her and when they were in danger along with everyone he in a moment of panic confessed his feelings to her. He is now Rosa's boyfriend and wants her to be a happy girl.

  • Color: Light blue
  • Planet: Earth

Kazuhiko is a pretty guy who makes every girl fall for him, he's smart and sportive and is very kind. He helped Angelica when a misunderstanding happened, at that moment he wanted to talk with her but Cassidy went to take Angelica with her. The truth is that Kazuhiko is in love with Angelica but was unable to tell it to her, when he learned about her true origins, that didn't bother him and is still in love with her. Despite being human, he possesses the ability to manipulate water in any shapes and use it for fighting, he use it to protect his friends and wants them to be safe and protected. He is a boy wanted by lots of girls but has eyes only for Fleur de Givre, that was shown when he said that he would prefer being taken by a Morph instead of her. Like Matsuro, Katsuro and Shirozaki he learns how to use his powers properly to protect anything and everything from the Morphs. He is a good person and always smiles, he likes going out with friends and taking care of his girlfriend.

  • Color: Night Blue
  • Planet: Earth

Katsuro is hardly in love with Murasaki, he loves singing and trains hard everyday to sing better, he takes lessons with Murasaki and always had difficulties to talk with her. When he learned from Matsuro that she isn't a human and is from another planet, he didn't believed it until Murasaki confirmed it. Like the other guys, it didn't bother him and is still in love with her, and again like the other guys despite being human he possesses powers and learns to use them with the other boys. He is very kind and is also extremely caring, like when Murasaki almost fell he catched her and asked her if she was okay. He likes fighting with everyone and practices judo since he is 5 years old and like everyone wants everything and everybody to be protected. He never gives up and is really a good guy.

  • Colors: White and light orange
  • Planet: Earth

Shirozaki is extremely shy and don't talk very much, he likes art and mostly likes puppets since his childhood, so when he learns that Hina, who's in reality named Marion and is somewhat a puppet, it didn't bother him really much. He's extremely in love with her and unlike the other boys except Masayoshi, he was aware of his powers and use them to protect his friends. He likes painting and his the president of the arts club, with Marion but due to the fact than he is extremely shy he is afraid of talking to her. He at first, tought that Hina liked anyone due to the fact that she was like without any emotions, but as she grew off emotions (mostly love and sadness of feeling alone) he asked her if she would like to be his friends. His shyness vanishes when he talks with Marion and isn't afraid of talking to her anymore, he likes going out with her along with his friends and Marion's alien friends.

  • Color: Yellow
  • Planet: Earth

Masayoshi is deeply in love with Tsukiko, but he was with another girl, but when he saved her from a Morph, they kissed and then he realized his feelings for her and dumped his girlfriend. He draws his powers on the sun, the opposite to Luna who draws her powers on the moon, they are deeply in love and he promises to take good care of her. Masayoshi is also wanted by lots of girls and is extremely popular, he is mostly popular in the music class due to the fact that he plays piano very good, that's the thing who makes Luna even more in love with him. He loves music and plays piano since he is a little child, he takes his lessons seriously and never makes a mistake because of his seriousness. He is smart and is good at sports mostly basketball and plays it since he is little, he is known for his smile who mades the girls "melt".

  • Color: Light red
  • Planet: Earth

Hiroshi is the boyfriend of Ruby, he wants her to be happy like the other girls with their lovers. He wasn't aware of his powers but uses them to protect his friends and he is very protective over her. Hiroshi has a passion for birds, he is passioned by ornitholongy and possesses lots of books that concerns birds, he also loves science and is the first in his class. He is very smart and is always smiling, he was alone before he met Matsuro and his friends and Adelita and fell in love with her. He also shown a passion for gemstones a pure coincidence since Ruby is from a planet made of gemstones.



A planet made of flowers with multi-colored linings (wich are in the legs of Rosa and her sisters), the people here have floral traits and all have a specific color with a hint of purple in their hair. As the princesses they possesses the Xenorosacean Scepters of their family and possesses also the power to manipulate the Xeno Magic. The source of their powers comes from the Legendary Xeno Flower.


Crystalline is a planet made of ice and surrounded by a multicolored aurora : the Crystal Aurora who turns blue when the Crystal Magic is "upgraded". Fleur de Givre's castle is entirely made of ice, the people here are called Crystallins and have powers entirely based on cold and ice and for the royal family the aurora.


A planet where lives butterfly people, this is also a planet of music and the people are called Nymphalidaean. They all have dual colored eyes and butterfly wings, the princess is known as an idol and possesses a unique voice. The source of their powers lies in the Nymph Butterfly.


A planet made of gold gears and clocks all the people here have a "heart" made of gears, the Grand Clock maintains their lives. They also have the common thing of having gears in their eyes, it didn't move until the princess (Marion) started grewing emotions and the planet's gears started moving. O'Clock people also wears steampunk clothing.


The moon started having people living on it since a rain of mystical water poured down on it. People were borns and an huge quantity of water transformed into the Moon Castle. The people here all have pale skins and their eyes looks like they were made of water. Their source of powers is the Moon River.


A planet made of gems who is almost next right the sun, the people here have eyes made of gems and can manipulate them. They all wears medieval like clothing with lots of sparkles and gems. This planet is between the Moon and Nymphalidae. The source of their power lies on the Comet Gem.




  • Despite being humans there is no informations about where came the powers of the boys.
  • In their respective planets, all people have a special thing about them (like the eyes made of gems/gears/water).
    • The planets also all holds a source of power.
  • Out of the six girls there is three idols and two models.

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