8 Star (エイトスター Eito Sutā?) (stylized as 8*Star) is a mixed-gender pop band that was formed in 2008 back in Kirishima School of Performing Arts in Tokyo, Japan. The band consists of four boys and four girls who all specialized in singing, songwriting, and dancing. Their self-titled debut album was released in March 3rd, 2010 which hit #1 on the Japanese, US, and the UK charts for about a month. Their hit singles are Wannabe (Spice Girls' cover), Sorry, and Synchronize.


  • Uzumaki Naruto - Born October 10, 1993 (Male lead, vocals, songwriting)
  • Kinomoto Sakura - Born April 1, 1993 ( Female lead, Vocals, songwriting)
  • Alphonse Elric - Born March 13, 1993 (Vocals, songwriting)
  • Higurashi Kagome - Born November 5, 1993 (Vocals, songwriting)
  • Ketchum "Ash" Satoshi - Born May 22, 1993 (Vocals, rapping, songwriting)
  • Son Goten - Born June 1, 1993 (Vocals, songwriting)
  • Aino Megumi - Born October 12, 1993 (Vocals, songwriting)
  • Yuuki Miaka - Born May 12, 1993 (Vocals, songwriting)


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