This is a list of episodes for 5 Starlights Pretty Cure★

Summaries and more episode titles will be coming soon!

Episode # Title Villain Air Date
01 Densetsu no senshi? Kyua Sutādasuto wa gekitsui shite imasu!
"Legendary warriors? Cure Stardust comes shooting down!"
Asteroid 05-07-2015
02 Daini no senshi o sagashiteimasu. Betsu notatakai dakede wa!
"Looking for the second warrior. Another fight alone!"
Asteroid 12-07-2015
03 Mizu o rasshingu suru sūpānovu~a ga kite iru koto o imi shimasu!
"Rushing water means a super nova is coming!"
Asteroid 19-07-2015
04 Meteorite 26-07-2015
05 Meteorite
06 Meteorite
07 Asteroid

09 Asteroid
10 Meteorite
11 Asteroid
12 Asteroid
13 Meteorite
14 Asteroid
15 Asteroid
16 Meteorite
17 Asteroid
18 Asteroid
19 Meteorite
20 Meteorite

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